One feature I'm sure you've noticed recently is that for some YouTube videos out there, clickable blue hashtags started appearing on top of the titles.


At first, I thought this was something generated automatically by YouTube for high performing videos. Then, after seeing it more and more often, I started to think that it was a feature reserved for YouTubers with a certain amount of subscribers. Eventually, as someone who owns a YouTube channel himself, I eventually decided to look up how to add hashtags to the title of YouTube videos.

NOTE - The changes shows up immediately if you view your video on your smartphone device via the YouTube app.

Surprisingly, this feature isn't so obvious on the backend because there's no specific form field labeled "Hashtags" for you to list them in.

How To Add Hashtags To The Title Of Your YouTube Videos

  1. Go to your Creator Studio.
  2. Select a video to edit, and click "Edit".
  3. Go to the section where you edit your Video Description.
  4. Inside the Video Description text area, scroll down to the bottom, and add your list of hashtags how you normally would on other social platforms.
  5. Once you are done, just save the changes to your video.
  6. Open your YouTube app from your smartphone, and view the video that you just edited. If it shows up, congrats! You've done it correctly!

Limitations of YouTube Hashtags

Despite YouTube having added a hashtag feature to their platform at long last, there are some limitations or restrictions that you absolutely have to be aware of.

Here's the link for the full list, detailed descriptions, as well as any updates they might make to their hashtag policy: YouTube Video Hashtag Policies

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Congratulations! Now you know how to quickly and easily add hashtags to your YouTube videos! Don't forget to take SEO into consideration and do your keyword research for them to be effective. Also, as an added bonus, you can consider using trending hashtags that are happening at the time to potentially make your video rank higher if it is approriate and relevant to your content.