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Despite my love for web development and entrepreneurship, I can't deny the fact that I love to read and write! Here, you can find a list of self-published books I've written so far. One of my life goals is to someday write a fictitious medieval setting novel series when I retire. After all, books help you learn new things, obtain new experiences, and help get that creative mindset going. In this day and age, money is power, but what's also just as powerful is knowledge.

How to Not Make Beginner's Mistakes on Linkedin

How to Not Make Beginner's Mistakes on Linkedin

by Eric Liang

In this first book I published on Amazon, I teach beginners to Linkedin how to not make embarrassing beginner mistakes on the platform, especially on their profile. I go over the most common ones, and provide some tips on how one might approach to fixing it. After all, there are enough problems in the world, why promote problems, when we can start choosing to promote solutions?

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