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Discord Bot

Discord Bot or technically speaking the "Remind Me Discord Bot", was created to help me set self-reminders through Discord, which will then remind me in a specified delayed timelength from now.

The goal was to take advantage of Discord as more than just a instant messaging chat application and turn it into a productivity tool for time management. The motivation for this project stems from the fact that me and my friend loves to talk about stocks on Discord, and sometimes we want to set a simple reminder about certain things. To avoid having to install another program or signup for another app, I came up with the idea of taking advantage of Discord's mobile app notifications that show up every time a new message is sent inside a chat group. By creating a reminder bot, which is what this is, it can help remind us or anyone of whatever it is one needs to get reminded of via Discord!

The Remind Me Discord Bot is also available for download as open source software on my GitHub repository. You can check it out by clicking the button below.

Client: Myself
Date: August 3, 2018 - August 3, 2018

  • Backend Web Development
Discord Bot Remind Me Demo Screenshot

What I Did

I took advantage of the Discord API, as well as with the use of the discordjs libraries and the discordjs commando library to make this project come to life. At first, I only used the discordjs library, and just did a on() listener for user message inputs and parse their messages so I can use commands with a '/' character rather than Discord's preferred '!', but that didn't work out too well because if the user stopped typing after the command was sent, the bot would keep on executing the action corresponding to the command. I later found out about their commando library which basically eliminated this problem.

The Technology Stack

  • Node.js

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