I've decided that I am ready to start the 100DaysOfCode challenge. It's currently the 2nd week of August. I knew about the 100DaysOfCode challenge for a while now, but I didn't start since I didn't have enough project ideas in store that will last a hundred days. Plus, I still had some questions about the challenge which made me not start on it.

What Is The 100DaysOfCode Challenge?

The 100DaysOfCode challenge is basically what the name says, it's a challenge where you code for 100 days straight. Each day, you are required to code a minimum of 1 hour, and you do this for 100 days. Every day, you are required to make a status update on your desired social media platform while using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.

If you want to learn the specifics about the process, you can check out their official website at https://www.100daysofcode.com

Why Am I Doing The 100DaysOfCode Challenge?

The reason why I am doing the 100DaysofCode challenge is for the following reasons:

If you know me, I am no beginner in the world of programming. I have experience in making websites, developing in low level languages like C++ and C#. However, I am someone who loves to improve on myself so that's another reason why I'm doing this challenge.

What Took Me So Long To Finally Start the 100DaysOfCode Challenge?

I Didn't Have Any Project Ideas to Work On

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I had some issues with coming up with some project ideas to work on for 100 days. Not only that, by not being a complete beginner in web development is what makes it even harder, because most people that are participating in this challenge are usually beginners who are starting out with simple projects. My issue is I'm not that new to web development, so it will take a lot to make this challenge worthwhile to me.

Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning. - Erwin Rommel

I know that it's important to take action and just "start", but if you don't know what you're going to do, then you've already failed on day 1. Besides, coming up with a project idea to work on is going to be a problem you face along the way during the challenge, and if you don't come up with something meaningful, you would have failed to meet the 100 day consistency.

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

I came up with a small list of projects that I plan to work on, but not all of them will be open source for personal reasons. It's not that I'm afraid to show my code, it's just that I might want to use some of them in my bigger projects.

Do I Have To Publicize My Projects Source Code?

One of the major things I was worried about was if I am forced to release all the source code on Github in a public repository?

The answer is "NO".

This was a relief for me because I was potentially thinking on working on an existing project of mine that is confidential and I am not allowed to release the source code; however, I am comfortable doing some generic status updates on it.

It would be beneficial if you want to get companies to notice you better though. I just don't want to release certain projects in case they become "startup worthy" or become a subcomponent of a bigger project that is "startup worthy".

There's actually a repository where you can fork and commit to to show the green commits for your account here: https://github.com/Kallaway/100-days-of-code

I plan to release most of the projects I do, except for some listed below.

Some Of My Project Ideas for the 100DaysOfCode Challenge

Just note that these projects were intended for my personal use because I determined that it would be best for my current level of experience. Don't take this list for your own challenge, rather, just use it as an inspiration as to what you could potentially take on.

There's also a chance that I might or might not go through with all of the listed project ideas in case I find something better or more interesting to work on.

Do note that some of the projects on this list I've already started on but never got around to finishing it. Some of them you can find as open source on my Github account at https://www.github.com/ewliang

While coming up with a list of project ideas to work on, I didn't want to just copy what others have done in the past because, after all, you want to STAND OUT from the crowd. If you want to have a higher chance of standing out, you have to be different. It's boring to see the same old projects implemented over and over again, which delayed my start of the challenge. I do know that some ideas on the list have been done before, but there are certain aspects I'm still rusty on and could require some practice on. As for the weather app, I plan to add a news component which is different from your typical weather app created by beginners.

My Social Channels

The social channels that I will be using to keep myself accountable will be the following: